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Hiring an expert managed IT services provider has saved countless companies from innumerable headaches, stress, and disaster scenarios. In many cases, freeing up the resources to handle the rest of your business while outsourcing IT to a group of professionals who listen to what your business needs is exactly the best solution. Outsourcing IT leads to further smaller issues to worry about and micromanage while working. Here are some examples of smaller items you can stop dedicating brain power and time to once a managed service provider begins to help.

Managing All Your Software Licenses

Especially if your company has multiple suites of software worked on by many different departments and employees, keeping track of all software and the appropriate licenses can be a tedious time sink and annoyance. Your managed IT services provider will handle of that for you on top of managing your hardware needs as well. They’ll likely be able to implement systems that streamline what you need to make it easier than it ever was before. Not having to worry about the setup and simply having the tools you need when you need them is one of clearest benefits of having a good managed IT services firm on your side.

Knowing Every Detail About Your Systems

You can’t be an expert on everything. As much as we all wish to be at some point, it simply isn’t possible. Trying to handle the high-level aspects of your small business handles all its IT services in detail is a full-time job, and for a CEO/Owner, it shouldn’t be your main focus. This goes double if your specific background is not in technology in any significant way. Having a managed IT services company come in and trusting them to help build and understand all the details of your IT infrastructure is a much more manageable situation, and it will give you a healthy does of peace of mind.

Monitoring Your Network

Cybersecurity is more difficult than simply installing malware protection and leaving things alone. It requires active monitoring of your network. Detecting cyberattacks is key, but also detecting activity that could lead to a phishing or ransomware attack breaking through is huge. It’s very difficult to monitor all your employees in case one makes an honest and simple mistake which leaves your systems vulnerable. Fortunately, a managed IT services provider will have the resources to properly monitor your network and keep out bad actors from hurting your company.

Backing Up Every Piece of Data Manually

Having to keep track of manual backups of all your company’s data in case of disaster is a tedious task and if you’re already stretched thing from other responsibilities, it is easy to miss something. Your managed IT services provider will have solutions that automate this process for you. They will also be able to expertly develop business continuity policies that make data loss a much less dangerous issue for you.

It’s much easier to keep your focus on your company’s core services when your MSP has your back. If you’re interested in learning more about managed service providers, contact YourITGroup and schedule an appointment.

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